You deserve a holiday.

December 21, 2017 BY
Rachel Callan

Social Media never sleeps… and it definitely doesn’t sleep over the Christmas break! It is more like it slams a massive triple-shot espresso and keeps buzzing all day and all night. You’ve worked really hard all year and you’re probably looking forward to a break, right?! RIGHT! And you deserve it, so you should take it!

The problem is, when people are on holidays, they’re actually more active on their social media accounts. They have more time to spend checking in, socialising, shopping… and as people tend to be in a purchase decision mindset they are more likely to be receptive and captivated by content and therefore more likely to make enquiries, or sales.

So it’s important that you don’t just let things slide as the year comes to a close. Work hard now, do your planning and you can enjoy your Christmas break, without too many interruptions. Here are our top 5 tips:


1. Start planning and scheduling NOW!

Content planning is more than your friend. Content planning is your BFF. Start planning and scheduling now for the remainder of December and January periods and you’ll be able to enjoy your break without thinking about what to post each day.

When planning, don’t forget to include lots of seasonal content. So for example, you could have some fun Christmas team photos, or some beautiful seasonal product photos.

Don’t forget about New Years too!



2. Train someone to post ‘Real-Time’ Content

So you’ve planned your content and scheduled it in before going on holidays. Which means you’ve got beautiful Christmas and summer themed content rolling through your channels while you’re away. Great work!

Don’t neglect the more ‘Real-Time’ content which helps to give your accounts that authentic feel. So for example, if your shop is still open over the Christmas period, you might want to put someone in charge of taking a few beautiful videos or stills that can be uploaded to your Stories, at certain times of the day.

Show them how to take great photos and teach them how and when to post. It will go a long way in making sure your engagement and conversion results don’t fall behind over the period.

3. Create a plan for responding to comments and enquiries

Don’t miss sales opportunities! Over the Christmas period, people are on different schedules. Some people will be shopping late at night, when they’re relaxing in front of the TV. Some people will be shopping while on vacation in other time-zones. So, there’s a good chance you’re going to get comments and direct enquiries at times of the day you ordinarily wouldn’t.

Create a plan for responding to people’s comments and enquiries, and leading them to the point of purchase.

Who will respond? What will they respond with? What are your expectations of response time? When will this person be available to respond?

One good tip here is that you can use Facebook’s auto-responses. While they are very generic, it’s a great way to make sure your potential customers feel as though they’ve been heard straight away. Then you can get back to them shortly afterwards with an answer to their question.


4. Social media advertising

Because you’ve been listening closely to our rants, you’ve all set up social media advertising. Over the Christmas period, while it might be tempting to switch them off while you’re away, given people’s increased activity over the period, there’s a good chance you’ll actually get better results.

Keep your social media advertising rolling. If need be, reduce spend. But don’t switch off completely.


5. Contact us!

We can help make sure you are ready to conquer the Christmas break and the New Year with no problems! Whether you need someone to schedule your content, monitor your accounts, or keep an eye on your ads, we can tailor a social media support solution for you! We’re available for the whole of the Silly Season, so you can rest easy knowing your social media accounts are in safe hands. Contact us today!

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