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Social Media Management is about more than posting every day.

Getting great results from your efforts involves a broad range of skills, which will vary depending on the social media platforms you’re using. Our training services are tailored to your needs, and can encompass any of the following areas (and more):

  • Setting the Strategy
  • Content Planning, Sourcing and Curation
  • Writing to Engage
  • Social Monitoring
  • Visual Design – creating a beautiful brand.
  • Publishing – tricks, timing, and tools.
  • Campaign Design – creating ads that convert.
  • Reporting

We can also offer team coaching and development support, to give your team guidance and feedback they need to implement the new skills on the job.

Understanding that no team, or social media model, is the same, we create training programs for our client’s specific requirements. Contact us today about how we can see your team grow to the next level!

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