February 21, 2018 BY
Kelsey Savin

At FLAMANKO we are all about sharing every brand’s unique story.

So, we felt it only fitting to write about digital tales: Instagram stories!

A ‘story’ on Instagram is a Snapchat-inspired feature, which allows 24-hour photos to be posted above the news feed. We talked about them in depth in the Need To Know: Instagram Story Adverts blog, but now you’re an #expert, we can share more Insta-Savvy secrets.

You can now connect followers to your website on a story through one simple link. This addition includes a section where you can “swipe up for more” and is a great way for businesses to monetize stories. Currently, this tool is only available for Instagram verified accounts or those with over 10k followers

Social media is all about online storytelling, so, let your Insta stories complement and support your feed’s vision. However, unlike your polished and aesthetic grid, stories are great for behind the scenes and the extra “scoop”. You should really reward your followers for taking the time to watch it!



A great example of #successstories are when public figures temporarily takeover your account (no, not hackers)! Bloggers, or famous industry personnel may collaborate with you by reporting live from a special event, presenting a tutorial or create an interactive video. This is another way to increase cross-promotion between accounts and followers.

Basically, we recommend using every gizmo stories have to offer!


Contact us today to discuss how we can apply this to your strategy.

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