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February 14, 2018 BY
Brigitte Topping

Instagram. Insta. Insty. Whatever you call it, is dominating the Social Media game in #2018.

Since the Start of the year we have seen some significant changes to the platform, which for social media marketers is AWESOME. Instagram in its humble beginnings wanted to be just that. Instant. Instant photos shared between friends and family.

This is great if your using the platform as a consumer, but like all social media platforms, it doesn’t take long for us marketing folk to catch on that its going to be great for business. Instagram has stepped up to the plate and implemented some changes this year, which will help business succeed in their marketing efforts. Let’s break them down.

Allowing third parties to publish direct to the platform.

Rejoice can be heard from very single social media manager around the world! Before this change was implemented, we would have to physically post every post. Nightmare. Rachel did share her Thank You’s here.

Although we did get all hyped up on this, we are still waiting for the functionality to happen. Scheduling and publishing videos over a minute and multi images are still not allowed. The functionality of differentiating between stories and feed posts are still to come! Watch this space.  

The ability to follow Hashtags.

This is super important because as we’ve have spoken about here, having a hashtag strategy in place is super important! If done correctly, it will maximise your engagement to new audiences. Now with people being able to follow hashtags that they find relevant to them, having a well planned strategy is important than ever!

Originally, you would have to click through to a hashtag to see other people who used it, or alternatively you would physically search it. Now you can “follow” a hashtag the same way you would follow an account. Instagram’s algorithms will then pick and choose some of the highlights from that collection and surface them in your main feed.

As a business, it can’t be more important that your sliding into your customers feeds!

Adding some new functionality and tools to ‘stories’

One of the most important changes to Instagram’s stories feature was the advertising capabilities which Kelsey spoke about here. Basically businesses need to step up their game and be #AheadOfTheCurve. Using traditional marketing techniques will no longer cut it if you want to up your competitors!

If your a follower of our blog, then you’d know #GifsAreLife! Instagram recently added the ability to add gifs to ‘stories’. This could be a fun way to connect with your target audience, because let’s be real, everyone one just want to have a laugh!

We expect to see a lot more changes to Insta this year, so be sure to stay tuned.

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