December 19, 2017 BY
Brigitte Topping

Christmas less than a week away, which is completely crazy.

We spoke earlier in the year about how you can leverage seasonal times in the year to better marketing your business, which you can read about here. Now with Christmas so close, you may have missed the boat if you’re thinking about planning a marketing campaign this late in the game, but hey you can still have fun with the festive season! Here are some fun ideas to get your brand noticed during the festive season!


If you are follower of our blogs, you have probably noticed we are fans of gifs! They are fun and entertaining and that’s exactly the kind of content you need around Christmas! We use www.giphy.com but there are variety of site that provide you with a gif fix.



Rach and I are HUGE Spotify fans! Like a lot of you out there, we spend a decent amount of time collecting our fave songs into playlists, you may have even got around our weekly FLAMANKO FRIDAY’S playlist (if not you probs should!) Music is an awesome way to connect with your target audience! Around Christmas you can put your fave Christmas songs together and share with your followers! Because who doesn’t like Christmas music…..


I feel like we go on and on about video content, but seriously it is SO important you are embracing it on Social Media! It could be something as simple as you wishing your clients, friends and followers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Shows people that you care! And hey, it is even a good opportunity to let them know when your closed over the break! Information is key.

We hope you all enjoy your holiday break! Social Media doesn’t stop, so we won’t be either! Feel free to contact us here if you want chat all things social!


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