New Year, New Habits

January 11, 2018 BY
Brigitte Topping

Ah yes, January. The Monday of the months.

It is tempting to get back into the office and slowly work your way up to being busy between looking at memes and reminiscing on the holiday just gone. But what about those New Year’s Resolutions you promised yourself on December 31st? A Distant memory?

Well we are here to tell you to get your head in the game and think about your social media marketing #GOALS. We spoke a lot about the social media trends for the new year, plus some awesome opportunities you could take advantage of right away, so let’s talk about some good social media habits to take on board this year.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive.

Social media good habit numero uno! It can be so easy as a business to set up your facebook and instagram page, then just post every now and then when something you think exciting happens. To be proactive you need to:

  • Know your target audience
  • Plan a social media strategy for the month, quarter or year
  • Create exciting and engaging content that will achieve the goals of the strategy
  • Schedule and post content at times when your target audience are most likely to take notice.
  • Monitor and report on results

Although proactively planning your strategy is key to a successful campaign, social media does require reactive content also. Reasons for being reactive can be:

  • To ensure you are on the pulse and ahead of the curve of your competitors by posting content that is seasonal and relevant.
  • Social listening. On social media you need to be social, respond to comments, direct messengers etc… in an appropriate time frame to ensure your customer service is top notch.


Video should become your next good social media habit for 2018. It gets higher engagement and is a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Video tips include:

  • Producing vertical content. 96% of people hold their phones upright when watching a video on their mobile device. Say bye-bye to producing landscape content!
  • Incorporate etherial content such as instagram stories into your campaign which Kelsey spoke more about here.
  • LIVE Video. People are naturally attracted to listening to why you do what you do, rather than what you sell. Using tools such as Facebook LIVE is great way to connect with your followers on more personal level. You even have the opportunity to ask questions in real time to see what it is they really want from your business!

Content Marketing

Great content means great social media. Simple as that. In 2018 you need to think about how you can use meaningful content to capture the attention of your audience. What does great content look like?

  • Authentic and relevant posts on your platforms is a must. Whether you are writing your own content such as blogs, or sharing articles from affiliated brands, always ensure it is relevant to your audience.
  • High quality images. Social Media is not one size fits all (if only!) If you’re sharing a visual across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you must ensure your image fits the dimensions required. People are not interested in seeing images that don’t fit or are pixelated.
  • Video. As mentioned previously, you can use this in many ways to connect on a personal level, in many instances you are building trust with them which can lead them to the next important step… A sale!

If you can jump on the good habit bandwagon this early in the year, you are setting yourself up for a successful year in the digital domain.

Easy said than done to keep these Social Media New Year’s Resolutions? We can help…. Let’s chat.


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