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What does it take to see a positive ROI from your social media?

Of course there are a range of ways to measure results, including Engagement, Followers, Website Traffic, and Conversion. All of which are essential to understanding monitoring your financial investment’s effect on business returns.

But what is the human effort required to see return on investment?

When it comes to seeing a return on your social media investment, it’s all about living and breathing what’s happening ‘now.’ Being across how the social channels work ‘now.’ Knowing what’s topical and trending ‘now.’ And knowing how to use all of these elements to your advantage… you guessed it… ‘now.’

Staying relevant and building your social media following demands your constant attention. Which can be challenging when you and your team are managing other priorities.

With the latest content sourcing, curation, publishing and reporting, systems and the best creative tools, we get tongues wagging. We monitor your accounts to drive engagement and growth, and we report regularly so you can see the progress we are making. That’s the FLAMANKO difference. And that’s why we are seeing some awesome results for our clients!