Need To Know: Instagram Story Adverts

January 09, 2018 BY
Brigitte Topping

Tap* Tap* Tap*

… goes the dismissive finger of your potential customer to the avo-toasted images and marketing clutter on Instagram.

Suddenly, your eye-catching 15 second advert appears on their screen thanks to the platform’s algorithm and, boom! A campaign that is noticed and #getstoungeswagging!

If you are new to Instagram stories, they are temporary photos and videos uploaded by users that detail their activity and start conversations with their followers. They appear in the bubbles above the Instagram home feed (Like a purple ring around the users profile pic). This kind of content is called ephemeral content and was noted as one of the trends to watch in #2018

The latest addition to this feature is the Instagram story advertisement. If implemented correctly, it can be used as an effective technique to attract new customers and dazzle existing ones!

FLAMANKO is all for staying ahead of the curve with our digital marketing strategies and we believe there are some serious benefits of Insta Stories. Including:

  • Driving brand and product awareness
  • Telling your unique story in a radical way
  • Opening up authentic conversations- This is especially useful and important when looking for user generated content. Starting private conversations- prompting users to direct message, live Facebook chat or contact the business via phone or email
  • Applying a “call-to-action” such as “shop now”, “visit our website today”.
  • Promoting 24-hour sale campaigns

Other facts to consider when thinking about implementing this digital marketing strategy are;

More than 80% of social network users access their accounts on a mobile device, so making the campaign phone-friendly should be at the pinnacle of your strategy.

Also ensuring you know your target audience, placement, budget and schedule like a regular campaign, and even track the effectiveness of these variables to ensure that you are reaching those engagement goals!

Social Media changes day to day and can sometimes be tough to keep up with. Don’t worry, we’re always here to help. If you want know how we can help implement an Instagram Stories marketing strategy into your business, get in touch with us today.



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