November 30, 2017 BY
Brigitte Topping

It has been a CRAY-ZAY few weeks here at FLAMANKO!  We have seen 6 new clients jump on board with us, one of which saw us fly to Mackay for a 2-day whirlwind trip! There has been long hours, lots of meetings and LOTS of coffee, however it has been so rewarding to dive in head first with some really amazing businesses and meet some awesome people!


We have been sharing many a high five in the office lately, because ultimately our goal is to see our clients get great results from their social media! We put the effort in to become an integral part of each and every business we take on, so even the little wins feel big! Feeling pretty damn empowered would be putting it lightly to say the least! So this week our theme is #GIRLPOWER!


I just wanted to throw out some fun out into the universe as it is the silly season… so please enjoy this weeks #FLAMANKOFRIDAYS dedicated to all the amazing women out there! You’re killin’ it.


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