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Successful social media is the result of three things: creativity, planning and learning. 

Without creativity, content is same-same. And that’s of no interest to anyone. Social Media users want to be entertained, and they want to feel something about what you have to offer. When they get this, they’ll want to share their positive experiences of your brand with others! So think outside the square, and give them something to talk about.

Without planning, you miss the opportunities that creativity creates. When you plan ahead (and we’re talking months ahead), you leverage all the possibilities of content and collaborations, which is so essential to performance. It’s often said that Content is King. We say: “CONTENT PLANNING IS KING.”

Without learning, you never improve. What’s the point in that?! We aim high, and we don’t settle for mediocre results. We seek to continually push boundaries, and to find new ways of engaging with your communities. Whether that’s through testing new tools, or through finding new audiences. We do whatever it takes to go that next step further to help build your brand presence on social media, and drive conversions.

Our #GetTonguesWagging Methodology

We have created a unique Social Media Management Methodology, that is designed with one goal in mind: to #GetTongesWagging.

It’s an approach that draws on this well known fact: Word of Mouth is the most powerful tool for sales. When you get influencers talking about your brand, you start to get real cut through.

We draw on your insights, and our Collective’s expertise and capabilities, to create a social media campaign that is fully integrated in to your business and marketing strategies, and that encompasses all aspects of Digital Marketing such as Website integration, Video, Typography, Photography, and Graphic Design (depending on the campaign and the channels we are working with). Our local freelancers offer far reaching experience and insights, which all ads to building a unique, and visually interesting, social media story.

Once we’ve developed the Campaign story, we use our very deep understanding of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn to share with your social media audiences, and to see it convert.

While our #GetTonguesWagging approach is more encompassing than what many other social media agencies offer, it’s proving to be a highly effective way of getting results. We put in place the reporting tools and templates that show improvement in the areas that matter, so you can see what’s happening, and how things are performing.